Celazole ® T-Series

Celazole® T-Series products are PBI compounds designed for injection molding and extrusion.  Combining the superior mechanical properties and thermal resistance of PBI with the melt process ability of polyaryletherketones (PEEK or PEKK), these products offer cost-effective high performance. These products are available in pellet form.

Celazole PBI (polybenzimidazole) is a unique and highly stable heterocyclic polymer.  PBI polymers are characterized by high thermal stability; exhibit high strength, broad chemical resistance and unique compatibility with certain other polymers including the polyaryletherketone family.



Celazole ® T-Series pellets are capable of being injection molded on equipment with requisite thermal and pressure profiles.


Celazole ® T-Series pellets are capable of being extruded on equipment with requisite thermal and pressure profiles.

The advantage of T-Series over ordinary PEEK is the unexpected property set that results from the combination with PBI and other fi llers (when present) that yield higher heat deflection temperatures (HDT), higher moduli, higher strength, improved wear resistance and lower creep. In the T-Series composites, HDT’s can be raised to 320ºC, just below the crystalline melting point of PEEK.

A desirable balance of performance and tractability is obtained with the T-Series products that place the group’s thermo-mechanical performance above PEEK, but below PBI. T-Series is designed for injection molding of parts that perform, but are cost effectively produced.

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Celazole PBI PEEK compounds

PBI PEKK compounds

suitable for various insulation applications

suitable for sealings, bearrings, glide-rings

suitable for various electrical parts

widely used in semiconductor industries

suitable for aerospace and automotive

PBI-polymer is an ultra high performance plastic developed for aviation and space-flight applications.

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